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Storytelling for Startups

Learn about the neuroscience of storytelling 

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Learn about the neuroscience of storytelling with a high-level look at what happens in the brain when stories are told.

What You’ll Learn –

Learn about how the brain creates simulations.
Understand how our brains synchronize with storytelling.
Gain insights into how mirror neurons work.
Utilize storytelling to hack your customers.

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What People Are Saying

“Seth Erickson knows how to get into the mind of others and, using neuroscience, sway them towards thinking what he wants them to think. This book distills and transfers this power to the reader by explaining how to create and use ancient stories that will grab the listener at their core.”

– Amazon Review 4/5

“I’ve read a lot of marketing and storytelling books and this one blows most of them out of the water. Seth’s voice reminds me of a nerdy Ryan Reynolds and the relatable examples he uses make his message memorable. I mean, it even comes with a great Spotify playlist!”

– Amazon Review 5/5

“This book eloquently and hilariously gets its point across. What’s its point? Just read it! I didn’t write the thing. Seriously, it’s a quick read and very entertaining. You’ll also question whether or not Storify Agency hired Ryan Reynolds to ghost write this thing. It’s that funny. Enjoy!”

– Amazon Review 5/5

“I really enjoyed this book – short sweet and to the point! I finished it in 3 days. Having read so many complicated books on story telling, and too many on marketing and branding (which I never got through) – Seth delivered some simple truths that I’ve put into practice right away.”

– Amazon Review 4/5

“An insightful look at brand storytelling and how to get your business foundations right before you launch. From Neuroscience to drunken scuba dives you’ll see the link between how to get out of your head in into the customers.”

– Amazon Review 5/5

“As a Marketer I’m looking for better ways to write copy. This book has completely changed my approach to my own messaging and the creative process I take for my clients endeavors. This is one of those books that give you an edge in the market place.”

– Amazon Review 5/5

“Business books, even the better ones, generally run a bit dry, but this one does not. It’s well-organized and very easy to read, either in bits or in longer sessions. This would be a fantastic book to read while traveling. If you’re new to the industry craft you’ll definitely find a bunch of nuggets of wisdom to ponder.”

– Amazon Review 5/5
Storify uses the ancient art of storytelling combined with modern marketing principles to create the kind of work that makes your customers go “WOW!”
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